Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Small Comforts

The first day of a new year.... I asked my husband if we really had to do anything today. and he said we just had to breathe.

Since my last post, alot has happened mostly emotionally. A meeting just before Christmas left me reconsidering my longevity with the company. There seems to be alot of upheaval there in the past month, and I began questioning God's plan. That night after the meeting, I went through another round of spiritual anguish. The devil has in the last 3 months seriously attacked the very core of my faith usually when I am weak emotionally and battered from stress. I was scared that Christmas would be miserable and deeply yearned for a Christmas to remember, and not one that I wished to forget. The morning of Christmas Eve after a sleepless, tormented night, I begged God for peace. He gave it both in mind and spirit. Later that morning, I checked my phone for messages and found that my Mother in love had texted me that she was praying for me about the same time I was begging God. It was additional proof that God answers prayer. How comforting to know that someone is praying for you just when you need it most.

Christmas Eve was everything we had hoped it would be. We played games as a family, opened presents, enjoyed alot of fun and made memories. Christmas Day we joined the clan to celebrate, eat, reminisce, and enjoy being together as a family. My nephew Jordan surprised everyone by joining us for his brief break in Marine training. This was a great Christmas!

The next day back at work, I followed up on the meeting and was not really reassured that this job would last very long. I resolved that I would just do my best until the Lord opened the door elsewhere.

Saturday, we met up with Tim, Jen, and Emily to share Christmas with them. Again, it was a great time and stress reliever. Sunday, Ted and I both woke up with a virus that kept us home for the day. Ted was still sick Monday, and I still have some residual aches even now. I don't think it was the flu per se, I think it was just our bodies giving out after all the work and stress we put it through without proper rest.

I went back to work Monday, resolved to just keep my head down and work my job regardless of the tension swirling around, or people's issues. That resolve kept me going strong, knowing that I don't HAVE to work this job, but that I will do my best at it for the Lord. Yesterday went much better and one of the sources of my tension filled days tried to make amends. As this is a reoccurring situation, I began to pray for that individual who seems to be nice one moment and mean as a snake the next. Maybe God just wants me there to pray for these people.

Last night, our little family rung in the New Year by watching an animated movie together while gorging on snacks and soda. I could barely stay awake and seriously wanted to sleep in the New Year. I must be getting OLD!!
So this brings me to Today- I have a special meal planned for the family, James has to work, and I might get around to baking something. The boys will probably take down the Christmas tree and I want to savor each moment of peace and tranquility.

Here are the small comforts that I have found really help me let go of the stress and "clock-out". A cup of hot coffee or hot herbal tea, some classical music playing in the background, and a lovely scented candle burning. Right now we have a Mint Chocolate scented candle and it's wonderful!

This month will breeze by and soon we will be saying goodbye to our two boys as they launch out into the next phase of their lives. Justin will finish working his job on January 18th, and finish packing up his room.
James' last day of work will be January 31, but they are already cutting his hours for the winter slow season. He has already cleaned his room in preparation for packing it up.
Near the end of the month, we will have a joint send-off/birthday celebration for them.

Will you pray for them?

Will you also pray for a missionary named Joann? Her mother passed away the day after Christmas and she had to fly back from the mission field in time for the funeral today. I know what she is going through in losing a mother. My heart and prayers go out for her. May she find the grace that only God gives for each moment.
He is even the Giver of small comforts to keep us going when all else seems to be falling apart.

Happy New Year!!!

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