Thursday, August 4, 2016

Celebrating Southern Style

Today is my husband's birthday. He decided to celebrate it with a jaunt to Charleston, SC. We have talked of visiting this city for years, but always changed our minds.
 We have tired of Myrtle Veach, Gatlinburg, and even Knoxville. 
Last night, we are at Indaco....uhm, eclectic, upscale, and probably not a repeat destination.
This morning, we walked a mile to the carriage companies, and took a tour of the old city via horse and carriage. Then we walked one of the main market squares, and ate at Low Country Bistro for lunch. Again, wasn't overly impressed with the fare. The tourists and clientele are very upscale and yacht club status. We often feel conspicuous and out of place.
Tonight, we went to Joe Pasta for his birthday dinner. This place was more our style and taste. I would go back again. We found a gourmet, eclectic ice cream shop called Jeni's, and have enjoyed the myriad of blended flavored offered.
Tomorrow, we plan to go to the popular farmer's market before launching on a dinner cruise. 
Happy Birthday Darling, it's been wonderful to celebrate together in this auspicious location.

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