Thursday, August 4, 2016


Heading off to the dinner cruise, and found that we were being charged $51 for parking next to the hotel!! Yeh boy! Hotel only told us it would be $17 total!  Then as we pulled away from dock on the cruise liner, I started having some wild feelings. One of our sweet dinner companions also had it and had experienced it before. I have had a few issues recently usually at home, very mild and attributed it to fatigue or low blood sugar. Tonight, however, I was introduced to the wild phenomenon known as vertigo!  I was able to go up on deck for a few minutes after dinner. Things finally settled down as the cruise ended. Then we found my car battery was dying, thankful for the jump from another family.
Returned to our hotel, no parking spots! Finally found one, then vertigo in the elevator! This has been a most memorable evening LOL!! Ted however enjoyed his birthday, in spite of the adventures we always seem to embroil ourselves in.
Drinking some milk, getting a headache and wondering if this is the start of an ongoing issue.....
Dramamine it seems is to be my next new friend.

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