Thursday, August 4, 2016

Observational Nuances

Walking through a city so steeped in history, you tend to analyze in layers. I just couldn't seem to get acclimated or even interested in a place that I thought surely would thrill me. Today was much better, went to Jestine's Kitchen for lunch, and the leisurely stroll there and back awakened my desire to return to this city for further exploration.
Many places we vacation in, scream loud, noisy tourist town. This city seems to blur the lines and stifle the normal, boisterous, redneck clientele we usually run into. I am a people watcher, and was looking for the seedy underbelly that usually prevails blatantly in most places these days. I only saw some possible signs of homelessness, even then they weren't panhandling, or looking like they lived there in that spot. I am not even entirely sure they weren't just hanging out.  As for the sexual revolution, no obvious signs of prostitution, and only 1 tranz so far. Although, I did not see an overwhelming display of the devil's playground as we usually are lambasted with, I did sense a very spiritual need in this city so full of long standing historical church buildings. Are they just monuments to a lost time in history, when people here worshipped and prayed as hard as they made a living? 
Curious about our dinner cruise tonight.....will I peel back more layers to a sweet onion?

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