Friday, July 11, 2008

And They're Off

Jamie and Justin left off with the youth group to Puerto Rico this morning.

We all met at the church at 8am

Here's the group going this year, there are 24 Kids going on this trip

Here's the whole gang. Counting Bro. Jonny and Mrs. Vondie there are 32 in all

The mother's all came to see their children off, and even though they're smiling, I know many are cringing inside as few (if any) of these kids have taken this type of trip before.

Before leaving, they split up into groups. Jamie and Justin will be in Bro. RJ's group

Brother Greg called his group

Preacher High-Five's his group

Then we had prayer before everyone got on the bus.


Bless said...

Well, this Momma sure ran the gamut of emotions this morning. It was more intense then I had expected to feel. I was concerned for their health and their safety most of all. Yet, I have such a deep desire for them to draw up close to God, and truly serve Him this trip.

As I have mentioned to many of you, I have to teach a lesson on Peace tomorrow to my Super Teen class in bus ministry. I knew this would be a vivid example to me and to them. Can I truly have peace with God and the peace of God during this time? Will I too, draw closer to God, because I have to trust Him completely to care for the children He gave me to rear?
Stay tuned....

Happymama said...

It was def an emotional time for everyone. The Lord certainly kept my mind busy all day yesterday though. LOL