Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 5

Still Quiet! Sooo quiet...

Rebecca and I took a ride down to one of my stores yesterday, and stopped along the way at a chinese restaurant I like in Charlotte. When we left, we noticed a gaggle, posse, herd, flock, (gathering of some sort) of Mini Cooper cars, and I happened to snap a picture. This must have been some internet social club meeting to show off their itty bitty cars

We counted 11 in all, but there wer a few who left before we got out there.

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Nanny said...

Hello Ted, Rebecca, Justin and Jamie,
I really enjoyed your visit yesterday afternoon.
You are such a sweet family.
Thank you so much for the Chicken Alfredo and bread sitcks. It was wonderful. We had it for lunch and dinner.
Rebecca I hope you enjoy your picture and bowl.
I have had many years with that and it was time to get say good buy.
Take care and I love all of you.
Maw Maw Birt