Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh To Be Used by Him

Kristi over at her NEW Thimble Thoughts page has posted a video of our Voices of Faith singing Sunday night.

I got a chill listening to the song we sang, somewhat because I don't like my own recorded voice, but more so from the impact it had on the people who heard it in the services. We are blessed to be used of God to bless others. I guess that's how God designed blessings :) My sister and I have grown so like-minded when it comes to music it's scary! :)

I would tell you that I USED to listen to contemporary music from my college days up until a few years ago; but I can also say that it NEVER satisfied me spiritually like just praising The Lord as we do now has. When I hear it playing now, I cringe and remember just how shallow most of it is. Oh yes, it's pleasing to the ears and, as my brother-in-law says, "All music has its purpose...some for entertainment." But when the words and music work together to cause you to worship the one and only true God, that's a blessing.

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