Sunday, July 27, 2008

This and That

Forgive me father, it's been 11 days since my last post.

Ok, not quite a joke, but sincerely put. I've been extremely mentally distracted for the last 2 weeks.

  • The boys finally got home from Puerto Rico, and things settled back to normal (whatever normal is). I have all their pictures, but no time to upload them from this slow-poke internet connection.
  • God sent Bro. Mike P. my way to help run our Delivery store, and after 2 weeks of hands-on training, he's doing an excellent job!
  • The GM of our Full Service store gave me his keys on Friday. It seems his family situations were too much for him to keep his job. I was able to move someone from another store into Full Service (on Hwy 74) and keep it running without a hitch, but there will be another 2 weeks at least training to keep this one running at par. I believe this will be the best for the store.
  • I used to let my job control my schedule, which allowed the Devil to keep me out of church. God has blessed my stores tremendously, I believe, because of my decision to be in church every service. God has blessed my stores with increased sales and great managers. I know the Devil doesn't like it much, but just as with Job, God will only allow him past the hedge when He is good and ready. I also know that God will not let me go through the trials alone.
  • Emily turned 5 Tuesday, and we had her birthday party Saturday. I have pictures of this as well, but probably won't get them up tonight.
  • Voices of Faith sang our new songs today (I think Kristi took a video of one) and The Lord blessed many people through us. I'll be the first to say that I deserve none of the credit. Justin M. and Gary are GREAT additions to the group. Each time I get up to sing, I pray that God will get the glory and touch people's lives through it. I know that if it sounds bad or if I mess up, it just keeps me humble so I don't get a big head :)
  • I think I lost a filling tonight. I've had a very sensitive molar on the other side, but I remember my dentist telling me that sinus pressure can make teeth sensitive, so I've been watching it carefully.
  • We had one of the sweetest services tonight I've seen in a while. This made me remember ones who weren't there that are normally the center of the blessing spout. Mrs. Barbara is still in Duke, and the Rectors are still recovering from a major infection. These couples are very well missed when they can't make the services. We pray that they will be able to join us again soon.


Kristi said...

Yes! The services were GREAT! And I did get a video, but the camera stopped at the tag. I'm debating whether to post it or wait til next Sunday cause you KNOW Pastor Goodman will want to hear it again. LOL


Anonymous said...

You know, I thought I was missing someone when I was writing this post about the ones who hadn't made it to the services on Sunday. I missed your Dad and Mom (Mr. and Mrs. Birt). What a blessing they are when they're in the service, and what a vacancy they leave when they're not there. Give them our love and let them know we're praying for them.

Kristi said...

What? They weren't there? LOL