Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Hello Family and Friends,

Ted and I went to a revival at a sister church last night. Voices of Faith was invited to sing. They did a great job to God's glory.

Brother Eddie Dover even sat on the 2nd row!! Maybe next time we'll get Gene up there too :)

The guest preacher was an Irishman named Sam Delaney from Alabama. Wow, I hope our preacher invites him to come too. He reminds me alot of Br. Goodman our Pastor. It was so good to hear someone who preached God's Word and wasn't afraid of stepping on convicted toes.
I am hoping Ted and I can convince Tradition( the other quartet Ted sings with) to forgo practice Thursday night so that we can hear Br. Delaney again.

The preacher spoke on careless people.

I think we are all careless way too frequently and most of the time we could care-less about it.

On the homefront, school is progressing, the boys and I like the different scheduling I arranged this year. I think it really is working, although it might be too soon to tell if they are truly progressing as steadily as they should.

On the weight loss end I have lost 8 lbs and Ted has lost close to 20. Pray for us :)

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