Sunday, October 26, 2008

Orlando Prayer Booths

OK.. Normally I'll pass this on to some close friends via e-mail or msn, but I felt this needed a more prominent position in my electronic catalog.

Orlando, Fl has installed these lovely prayer booths, and I must say. If I wasn't a Christian, I'd think they were the best thing since sliced bread.

But Since I am a Christian, I can assure you that what this world needs does not exist inside a phone booth. Chalk this up to just one more way the Devil is pied-pipering our nation straight to Hell with beliefs that ANYTHING other than Jesus Christ must be a better way to Heaven.

Let me Read you the bottom line as it is a bit hard to interpret from the pictures.

"This device exists to facilitate and control prayer in public space. Improper use may result in a penalty or fine.

Please avoid this booth if you are sensitive to or feel threatened by actions that are religious in nature"


Let me paint a scenario for you..
  1. Man asks co-worker if he's noticed the new prayer booths
  2. Co-worker says "if you don't leave me along, I'm going to go down there and pray for you!"
  3. Man sues co-worker for religious harassment
  4. Co-worker goes to jail for "threatening actions of a religions nature"

Welcome to America!

Read the whole story with more pictures here. Enjoy!

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CNA Momma said...

I would like to see someone like Bro. Thornburg or Bro. Lipsy pray in a prayer booth. It would be very interesting!!:)