Saturday, October 4, 2008

Be careful; the [AQI] might get you!

It sounds like something you'd tell your children. Insert your favorite fairy tail and you have the beginnings of a scary story, or even worse; A Fable!

What our modern day liberal media does with its acronyms can seem so simple sometimes, but rest assured, there is always a hidden agenda!

We saw it with the infamous Guantanamo Bay. Where our our country and our military men were dragged through the political mud over the acts of a FEW men following orders.


Following Orders? Surely we don't do that in the military.. No.. I'm sure we allow all of our military men to do whatever they please with prisoners of war without their superior officers knowledge. Yeah Right! But that's not my point at all!

My point is: How many of us can spell Guantanamo? I, personally, had to Google it! Therein lies the excuse for our media to dumb-down; simplify; under-qualify the place where our country has made so many advances on the war against terrorism. Not only for our safety, but for that of many other countries around the world, which have benefited from the (strong word coming) interrogations of (another one here) terrorists held captive in that wonderful place.

Gitmo: NOW everyone knows what I'm talking about! I'm sure that in the text books of history the word Gitmo will resound as the reigning champion.(btw.. Gitmo is not in my computers vocabulary... and I aint addin' it)

Terrorist: Our modern day media is NOT ALLOWED TO USE THIS WORD!!!! Wake up people! I dare you! Listen to your world news today and tell me how many times it's used. They are required by penalty of death (or otherwise dismemberment) to use "politically sensitive" words such as Holy Warriors, Jihad, Muslim Extremists (the very term makes me sick to my stomach). They're TERRORISTS, and we should never forget what they have done to our country, and around the world with bombings far out-reaching their beloved homeland. (I wonder why?)

DO THIS!! Google "Terrorist": NOT ONE MAJOR NEWS ARTICLE makes it to the front page. DUDE! There are only 10 pages (10 GOOGLE PAGES) on the word Terrorist! If that doesn't signify political censorship, you need a check-up from the neck up.

Here's the one I saw today..."His removal from the AQI [al-Qaeda Iraq] network will send shockwaves through Baghdad's terrorist bombing networks," a US spokesman told the Associated Press." Before you crucify me for my previous statements, you should know that the article I'm referring to is a BBC News article and not bound by our liberal media policies.

This was a TERRORIST being brought to justice. If you want to read the whole article, it's here.

Notice the subtle implication of an impending media refocusing effort to now call the active TERRORIST network known as "Al-Qaeda" a far less scary monster named "AQI"

I don't listen to Rush (just don't have time).. but I'm sure I know what he would say...

BOHICA: Bend Over Here It Comes Again!

Do not let our modern day liberal media stupify the real meaning of the words that cause us to remember that we are at war with Terror. Not silly euphamisms once known as terrorist organizations.

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