Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Where will YOU spend Eternity?

Something has been on my heart and mind for a couple of weeks now. The internet has opened so many doors of communication around the world. I have made friends with people over the years, that I will most likely never meet face to face. You learn to know each other through time from just talking to them and watching them interact with other chatters.
I have been a regular online chatter for 10 years now. I have met and witnessed to many, and have tried to be a living testimony in word and deed to those who chat with me.
I have to ask though, dear Reader- Where will YOU spend Eternity?
Let me tell you the last few types of people I have chatted with. There is the wonderful caring person who prays daily to saints and statues. A very sincere person who thinks that we are all praying to the same "God".
Another one is so steeped in tradition and laws and rules that they are burdened by a heavy taskmaster with no hope, only condemnation and guilt.
Yet another one I spoke with recently, would use the words Thank God in every sentence, very sincere, but told me that sins come in various degrees of severity. This person believes that by sinning a "lesser" sin of getting drunk, it will keep away the wicked tempting voices to commit a more serious type of sin. Preferring to beg God's forgiveness for a "lesser sin" instead. How many of us are just like this person? Labeling sins to assuage our guilt for choosing to sin? How often do we repeatedly sin the same sin, because we think that it's "not as bad as doing something else".
As I chat with these dear people, they often agree that I am right as I use God's Word, and encourage them. Yet, they still stick to what they have been brought up or taught, or the habits they are comfortable with.
Change can be such an act of faith that very few of us even attempt it. What habits or beliefs do you cling to just because it's the way you have always done it, and your family would be scandalized if you were to deviate from such tradition?

What do you believe? Does it match what God's Word the Bible says? Do you know where you will go when you die?
If any of you reading this desire to know what God says about YOUR eternity, please email Br. Ted or myself. We would love to show you from God's Word -"the Way, the Truth, and the Life".

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