Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Can't Touch This

I know that is a popular secular saying, but so many times we as God's children think we are untouchable by the circumstances of the world. Yes, God does filter everything that happens to us. Bad things can and do happen to God's children. The dividing line is that we need to be thankful and give God the glory no matter what happens to us.

Today has been a day to put feet to my faith and to see if I did learn that lesson of trusting God even when I don't understand. As I pondered and prayed today, I remembered Daniel ended up in a lions' den, Joseph spent years in prison, Peter and the disciples were all imprisoned and martyred, Job is the picture of faith through all ages, Esther risked her life, David ran for his life for years.... the list goes on. The Hall of Faith in Hebrews is full of people who put their trust in God no matter what and endured many hardships and unfair circumstances and even danger or death. Why do I think that I am somehow exempt from this in the age of grace? Why do I think I can limit what God allows to happen to me?

This blog is about our mountains and our valleys, right now we are entering a valley that at this end seems dark and scary, but I know that God will walk or carry us through it and that the mountain is just ahead even if the climb is treacherous.

So for this situation we are facing right now... to God be the glory, I am still blessed!!!!

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