Monday, February 27, 2012

Ten Treasured Tidbits in Time

Many people are great photographers, and we often use video cameras or in this day smart phones to record precious moments. I had none of those this weekend, so I am hoping to capture precious memories by blogging them.
1. Going through pictures and sharing family memories with friends
2. Spending the afternoon with Tim and Jen and Emily
3. Listening to our choir sing Amazing Grace acapella
4. Seeing Tim and Ted pray together at the altar
5. Watching Tammy's happiness at her surprise birthday party
6. Having my Sweetheart hold my hand or wrap me in his arms at random moments (I so treasure this)
7. Praying at the altar drawing my heart closer to God's
8. Getting hugs from so many wonderful ladies at church who love me and pray for me
9. Hugs from my Princess and Precious (two special young ladies)
10. Listening to a man who had fallen away from God for years come back repented, renewed, rejoicing, and singing for God once again (it's seeing that prayer really does work)

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