Thursday, April 19, 2012

Grace One More Time

My heart is heavy and my words are labored. All week it seems I have only heard the bad stuff about people, and I was ready to turn into a hermit. Then I heard something that would directly affect our family. I was numb and searching for wisdom. Fortunately, it was the message time at church, and as I opened the pages to the place our Asst. Pastor was preaching from my hungry eyes fell upon verses that God meant for me. So I had two sermons last night... one that helped me from a church perspective, and one that God delivered personally to me for my desperate need. After a night of prayer, I am still saddened by events and choices, but there is a powerful song sung at our church called Grace One More Time. I was hoping to find a video or audio clip of it, but I have to get off to work this morning. Walking through yet another valley with a giant looming and taunting us, I am so thankful to know I have victory in Jesus Who gives Grace for every mile..... even when we fall. There is devastation and things will never be the same, and although my heart is heavy, I am soooo thankful to have My Best Friend, Lord and Savior right with me.

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