Saturday, April 14, 2012

To go or Not to go that is the question....

God carried us through Ted's trial, and then almost immediately we were faced with a huge tax debt. God provided a way to pay for it, but it raised some valid questions as to how spend our upcoming vacation it without the emphasis on the word "spend". We had talked of a family vacation to Washington, DC, but then we realized that was not going to work. We then almost settled on a fishing trip to North Myrtle Beach, but Ted's mental calculator is feeling the proverbial pinch of the pennies.

Today, Ted helped me do some work at the office for which I am soo grateful for his help, and then we headed to Wadesboro. Had a pleasant service experience at a McDonald's in Indian Trail, NC, then onward. After he was finished in Wadesboro, we had a lovely dinner at one of our most favorite restaurants, Fontanella's.

After arriving home, Ted took me for more range practice and I did very well this time!!

Justin is on his way home from a Youth Revival, and James is spending the weekend at his grandparents doing alot of outside work for them.

So, do we go on vacation? Do we have a stay-cation and just putter around the house doing things that we can't seem to get caught up with and then eat out? Do we take simple day trips to places? I don't think this will save us any money, but it might be a better way to spend it???
To go or not to go... ??????

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