Thursday, April 26, 2012

Morning Strength

This week is unique in so many ways: Ted and I took a vacation at the same time for a whole week. Our original and supplemental plans did not work out for many reasons. We really wanted to get away for a few days alone and do "Something". With much deliberation and trepidation we finally headed back to Gatlinburg, TN. This has been a typical vacationing spot for us over the years and we thought that boredom or disappointment might prevail. Blessedly this was not to be. We enjoyed a beautiful celebration of our 20th wedding anniversary alone together in the beauty of the mountains. The rest of the week we are working on family projects, both physical and spiritual. Sprucing up the house and yard Putting the boys to work assisting us in the various projects Revamping our Family Altar time to be active, interactive, and pro-active, keeping the blood on the doorposts of our home. My devotional time has been extremely poignant during this time of valleys in my life. The Word of God is so personal, and I am humbled that God would choose to speak with me. I always put a date at the end of each passage I read, and this month I have been going through the book of Isaiah.... the previous dates match this same month 20 years ago as I was getting ready to be married. I look back at all God has taught me, and how much He has been my strength every morning. I honestly never expected to be married, and I could not fathom what 20 years later would look like. I am so glad that I did not know back then, because now I can lean on Him every morning for strength and thank Him for my wonderful husband that He gave me 20 years ago.

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