Monday, May 21, 2012

Say What??

So, if you read my last post it sounded like things were calming down, and I was able to take a breath. I would love to recapture that feeling again! "Chuckle". This is Justin's last week of high school with final exams, James' last night of Bible College is tonight and he graduates Friday evening. Justin takes his SAT's June 2, and will graduate June 3. In the meantime, I am training a new office worker to help me, and doing the regular end of the month projects before the looming deadline. Next week after work I will have to finish tallying up Justin's grades, create his transcript, total his GPA, and design and print his diploma. Fortunately, Ted is whisking me away the weekend after Justin's graduation for a short "minication"(yes, I made up that word) to celebrate the end of home-school!! YEAH!!! I need another stay-cation at home just to do all the projects around the house that are begging to be completed. Sigh, I think I need some Tums and a nap! Anyway, commercial break is over, I am off to design Justin's graduation invitation so that the photographer can get his invitations to the developer sometime before June 3rd! If anyone sees me spinning out of control please feel free to remind me to take a breath and enjoy these "lasts".

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Bless said...

So James waffled as most young students do whether to just do the 1 year Bible course or further on his Biblical training. Tonight at the last class he again decided that he would like to continue his Bible College education and earn an Associate Degree. So instead of getting a diploma this Friday he will continue on with his education in the Fall semester. We are happy for him and proud that he would like to continue his Bible Studies.