Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weird and Wacky Day

Yesterday was Monday on the calendar, but it was a very mild day. Today I woke up and after a series of bizarre events felt like I should have been in a comic strip or at least been able to blame it on a Monday! I had a really hard time waking up, but Ted's alarm clock from the abyss which goes off without being plugged in decided to wake me again. This time I removed the batteries too!! If it goes off tomorrow, I am imprisoning it in my son's tornado alley that he calls a room. Fumbling around in the kitchen, I spied a suspicious arachnid of good proportion slipping into the window frame.
Now just looking this picture up for you has creeped me out, and I am itching all over. I took the pest control spray and drowned the window frame repeatedly. It peeked out once and I blasted it again. Of course, the spray says it does NOT kill black widows or brown recluses... the two spiders you NEED it to kill! Now, I do not know for sure that it was one of these poisonous spiders, but I wasn't going to take the chance. Ted came out and helped me dismantle the whole window even the part of the inner workings of the frame and mechanisms. We did NOT find the spider. I left late for work and put the boys on poison spider watch for the day. Then, as I was pulling into the drive at work something slammed into my leg and dropped to the floor. I came to a quick stop and hunted around for whatever exploded off the under panel of my car. Sure enough there was a good size plastic cover that goes somewhere and used to be glued to something no longer guarding whatever it was meant to shield. I think I am going to keep a basket in the seat of my car and collect all the things that fall off this poor thing and then present the puzzle pieces to someone to put back together. As long as it keeps going I am not complaining.... just thinking that soon I will look like I am driving a dunebuggy instead of a Buick.
A couple of hours into the work day and we had a unexpected large delivery arrive a week early by a driver who supposedly couldn't speak English. He sounded like he came from a former Iron Curtain country. Finally, things calmed down, well at least until we went to vote. My little "booth" could barely stand on it's legs and I had to hold the stand while I voted FOR the marriage ammendment. My sons both voted for the first time in their lives, and Justin nearly took out a whole voting "booth" on his way out the door.
So, sitting here thinking of food,scratching imaginary creepy itches and waiting for my husband to come home leaves me wondering if I should have worn plaid and polka dots today with odd socks????


Bless said...

So if you have read this far you should know that my day is far from over. Just after posting this to Google+ my boys came home from job hunting. The bad driver that I thought just couldn't drive had in actuality maimed our mailbox! The boys are trying to fix the poor thing. Justin has returned to say that it needs to be replaced. I refuse to accept that verdict, so I am sending him back up there to get my mailbox in some sort of working order.

Bless said...

LOLOL, I am laughing my head off! The boys worked hard to fix the mailbox so it was usable. They left it in a very crooked position, but I figured that was better then nothing. Ted came home and I fed him supper. Justin exclaimed " Who fixed the mailbox??!!!" I look up to see a miracle, the mailbox doesn't even look damaged from here!! Superman to the rescue! Ted fixed it in 30 seconds......

Kristi said...

ROFL!!! I love it. Good thing you have a Superman.
And now you have me on the hunt for spiders!!