Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pater Familia

We had Lunch at Ken and Tammy's for Father's Day
Ken brought the HAM
We thought you was a Horney Toad!

Abbie glared at me though the bottle.. I got this picture a bit late, but it was downright scary

Do NOT Seek the Treasure!

Naomi takes after her daddy. She's so photogenic!

If you only knew! I think this angel's name was Lucifer in another life. - "She's da Debil mama"

These boys definitely ain't miscegenated. They're ALL home-grown.

The TRUE paders familias

I got JUST what I wanted for Father's Day :)


Bless said...

You are the Pater Familia(Latin for your southern Pada) of the Soggy Bottom Boys.
LOL, if no one has watched that movie enough to understand all your labels, you are going to be in "a pickle" AND "a jam".

Happymama said...

Where's that tree anyway?


Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll bite. What tree?