Sunday, June 8, 2008

Un-Young & Married vs. After High School & Almost Adult Class

I Bought a new camera before we went to Gatlinburg (which I have yet to cypher through the 150 pics I took, but they're coming soon!), so you can see they're a bit clearer and of course larger and take longer to upload... but it's worth it.

We started Saturday after Bus Church, and it was 100ºF in the shade! The guys flipped a coin and chose teams.
Spencer came to learn how to toss the ball

Ken came out like a tiger, Making quick work of these young pups still trying to learn how to swing a bat.

Nathan Strikes Out

Bradley Stuck out

Brandon Strikes Out!

Bro. David struck out

Jonathan Owens made it to 1st base

Jennifer stopped to put her shoes back on.

Yes, Jamie played outfield in Flip Flops

Jonathan here takes it easy on Miss Jennifer

Jennifer takes no junk from the boys! She Clobbered the ball. I think it's still in the river!

Justin's form looks awesome! He gets that from his father.

Yes, Jamie played in Flip Flops

But like a champ, he took his Flip Flops off to run the bases in order to make it fair for those trying to tag him out.

Nathan caught this fly ball for the last out of the game.

Ken caught the final out, leading the Young Married's to win 36 to 7 in overtime!The Young Married won the day, but Troy took it rather well

Caleb watched his dad suffer in the heat

Nathaniel cried, but he would be find after getting a hot dog.


Happymama said...

LOL, that was a funny post. I can't say we're sorry we missed it though. It was too hot!


CNA Momma said...

I am glad you guys won and Ken did so well. He was hurting the next few days from all the pitching. Hasn't anyone told Jamie that the special shoes for baseball are not flip-flops! LOL!